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Mulch can go a long way toward improving the health and beauty of your gardens. But lifting heavy bags of mulch and spreading the mulch around can be tiring work. Save yourself a lot of energy by letting the professionals take care of it. When you need mulching services, think of TAF Companies of CNY, INC. We're happy to lay down the mulch you need wherever you need it.

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How can mulch help your plants and flowers?

Mulch is a great material to use in gardening and landscaping. Because it's made of organic material, it will break down over time and release nutrients back into the soil, fostering healthy, vibrant plants. Mulch can:

  • Boost the overall look of your lawn
  • Make your shrubs grow fuller and taller
  • Prevent water from evaporating out of the soil

Mulching is just one of the many useful landscaping services we provide. Call now to ask about our landscaping services available throughout Syracuse, NY.

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